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Lost Frontiers was founded in 1991 by Barbara Wagner and Phil Hassrick to provide travel adventures focusing on some of the wonderful traditional cultures and tribal groups that they encountered during their many years living and working overseas. Through the years, they have been able to share adventures with their clients ranging from the 'Azalai' salt caravans of the Sahara to intimate encounters with Naga tribesmen in the jungles of Burma. Each of these adventures has been carefully crafted to provide positive and unique experiences with some of the most endangered cultures of today. It has been the ethos of Lost Frontiers that each trip reflects responsible tourism, ecological concerns and that the experiences shated between clients and hosts provides a benefit to all.

The Lost Frontiers Foundation, Inc. was recently established by Lost Frontiers to support cultures and societies where outside social and economic forces increasingly threatened them with unwanted changes that undermine traditions and ways of life.

Barbara Wagner ~
Barbara Wagner was born is Germany and did her university studies at the Sorbonne in Paris and at the University of Pennsylvania. She has since been involved in international travel with a focus on Asia and Africa. Her passion for tribal and cultural travel led her in 1991 to start Lost Frontiers helping to define a unique niche for exotic travel to remote and often endangered tribal groups. Her guiding experience has taken her from the high Hindu Kush Mountains of Pakistan to the searing heat of the Sahara. Her knowledge and involvement with local cultures has gained her the respect of chiefs and leaders while providing her clients with exceptional travel experiences.

Phil Hassrick ~
Phil Hassrick has lived and worked overseas for over 25 years. His time in Africa was a great adventure and Phil ended up spending 17 years there prospecting for petroleum, water well drilling, working for the Swedish aid agency and eventually joining UNICEF where he was involved with community development work. He later moved to Indonesia with UNICEF before returning to the US. After a stint in the corporate world, he co-founded Lost Frontiers with Barbara Wagner. Aside from his deep interest in tribal and traditional cultures, Phil believes that there is a need to involve tourism in more responsible interactions with hosts including funding local development projects. Phil also founded the non-profit organization Wilderness Conservation Alliance that is dedicated to saving endangered wilderness areas around the world.




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